Got Questions?

Q. Do I have to run or can I walk the 5K?

A. You can walk the 5K if that fits your personal goals better!

Q. Can I push my baby or child in a stroller for the race?

A. Yes. No problem – but your child can also race in the Lil Ice Cream Lover’s Run. If they register for the Little Ice Cream Lover’s Run, they will receive an event t-shirt and finisher’s medal. Click here to register your child for it.

Q. How long is the Little Ice Cream Lover’s Run?

A. We break the Little Ice Cream Lover’s Run up into age groups. The 0-5 year olds run about 80 ft. The 6-12 year olds run about 650 ft. All participants receive a finisher’s medal, an event t-shirt and ice cream!

Q. What if it rains?

A. Rain is only water falling from the sky and unless you are made of sugar like ice cream, you won’t melt. The race will go on! However, if there is lightning, hail or any other extreme weather related hazard, the race organizers reserve the right to cancel the race.

Q. What if the race is canceled due to weather? Can I get a refund?

A. If the race is canceled, no refunds will be issued.

Q. I registered but I can’t make it to the race. Can I get a refund?

A. No. But we can switch you to the Remote Race option. You can pick up your t-shirt and finisher’s medal at Packet Pickup, and run the 3.1 miles in your own time and place. We will not mail any t-shirts or finisher’s medals to Remote Racers.

Q. Do I have to register online?

A. Yes, you must register online. Registering online is quick and easy. Click here to do so now.

Q. When does online registration end?

A. Online registration is over on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 11:59 pm. Any registration after that must be done on race day and is the same price. You will be able to pay with cash, check, debit or credit on race day.

Q. Is there an age limit for racers?

A. No. However, we encourage good judgement for parents wanting their children to run. Excessive distance running at younger ages can actually do more harm than good for underdeveloped bodies. There is also a Little Ice Cream Lover’s Run available for your child that is just the right distance for those 12 and under. You can register your child for it here: Click here to do so now.

Q. Do I have to pick up my packet myself or can someone else do it for me?

A. Someone else can pick up your packet for you. You do not have to pick it up yourself, however, we will require an ID from whoever does the pickup.

Q. Can I pick up my packet the day of the race?

A. Yes. Packet pickup will be available before the race on race day. Remember to bring your ID and come early!

Q. My friend(s) or family member plans on coming and watching the race. Can they volunteer to help race day?

A. Yes! Click here and see how they can help.

Q. Are wheelchairs permitted for the race?

A. Yes. Whether you’re in a wheel chair or need another aide to walk or run, you can participate. Those with a handicap of this nature will start the race 5 minutes before the rest of the participants.

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